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Loop-Loc Covers

Loop-Loc covers are secured with anchors that sit flush with your pool deck. The cover fabric is made from a mesh material which allows snow and rain to drain right through; therefore, eliminating an unsafe, swampy mess from a solid winter cover.
Loop-Loc covers come with the patented Safedge and Gapguard child safety intrusion barrier. It closes the dangerous gaps created where raised obstructions meet the edge of the cover. So, your children and pets can’t slip through.
Unlike a solid winter cover, a Loop-Loc winter cover requires no pumping, scrubbing or heavy maintenance. It goes on and off in a snap!
Loop-Loc covers are meticulously and custom measured for free-form pools.
And, it’s so safe it may reduce your liability insurance!
Loop-Loc covers are so durable that they are backed by a ten year warranty. Home Loop-Loc covers come in a standard green, but at an additional charge you may purchase your Loop-Loc cover in black, blue, or gray.

Loop-Loc Winter Covers