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The best pools deserve the best pool covers!

Don’t struggle with your pool another day! Our automatic pool covers can help eliminate your frustration.

Our clients choose to make investment decisions based on sound mechanics, warranty and the confidence of working with the proven leaders in their given fields.
This is what we do and who we are!

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Our newly renovated 6,000 sq. ft. warehouse is open year round to accommodate you, and is a home for our 12 radio-dispatched trucks.

We offer innovative, high quality, low maintenance, and extremely reliable products that will help keep your children, as well as neighborhood children, safe from the risks associated with having a pool in your backyard.

Hydramatic – The Industry’s Leading Pool Cover
Hydralux – The World’s Most Advanced Pool Cover
EZ Cover – The Best Single User Manual Safety Cover

Automatic Pool Cover System

Hydramatic systems with patented mechanism of the Hydramatic system are independently tested and exceed ASTM F1346-91 safety standards.


Manual Pool Cover

The EZ-COVER is surprisingly quick! With most average size pools, it only takes approximately 50-70 seconds to OPEN and CLOSE an EZ-COVER pool cover.



A HydraLux pool cover consists of rigid PVC-profiles floating on the water. Opening and closing is fully automatic, and as easy as pushing a button.


Commercial Pool Cover

Our commercial pool covers are high-strength covers that are designed to reduce energy consumption and for heavy-duty use in harsh environments.


Loop-Loc Winter Cover

Built super-strong and securely anchored into the deck, LOOP-LOC puts an unbreakable “loc” on your pool to protect your family.


Spa Covers

CMT hard-spa covers have been field proven for over 15 years and are still outlasting the competition. Available in 7 designer color.


Safety • Water temperature increase • Reduced consumption of chlorine • Reduced evaporation • Reduced leaf load

Pool Cover (when it is not in use) is the single most effective way of reducing pool heating costs and cleaning time

Our swimming pool safety systems are some of the most secure, proven pool safety barrier systems available today. We’ve tested our cover systems to be able to withstand thousands of pounds of direct pressure. We’re also compliant with ASTM standards.

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