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Innovative, high quality, low maintenance, and extremely reliable products!

American Pool Safety is a family owned and operated business that’s been around for over 25 years. Marc Young (founder) had over 40 years experience in the Pool Cover industry. Originally from Albuquerque, NM, Marc made the 2500 mile move to Connecticut while working for Pool Saver. During his time with Pool Saver, Marc became known as “The Cover God” because he was able to cover pools that most would walk away from.
“If there’s a way to do it, I’ll make it happen.” Marc was true to his word.
Marc went off to start his own company 10 years later and partnered up with Aquamatic Cover Systems to become their Northeast Distributor. Aquamatic has innovative and homeowner friendly designs that worked with his motto. (They also have the best warranty in the industry…there’s nothing wrong with having a happy customer.)
APSS (like most) had very humble beginnings. This “one man show” was based out of a small office located above a garage in Norwalk, CT. In 2002, APSS moved to it’s current location which is a 6000 square foot warehouse centrally located in Bridgeport, CT.
Sadly, Marc passed away in 2014. It was Marc’s wish that the company he poured so much into, carry on.

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Kathryn Ferraro


Kathy’s business management brought new and exciting things to American Pool Safety when she joined the company in 1999 as the Chief Administrative Officer. Experienced in both National and International Markets, Kathy’s entrepreneurial drive catapulted American Pool Safety into the fleet of 10 crews you see today.

Scott Sanborn

Vice President

Scott has been with American Pool Safety since March of 2000. He was trained by Marc as his “right hand man” out in the field. Rising through the ranks from Installer to Installation Manager and Service Manager, it was only natural that the torch was passed to Scott. As the face of American Pool Safety, Scott will make sure to get the job done, on time. Need a cover installed upside down, behind a wall, on the ceiling and only visible from one side? Scott will make it happen.

Steven Ferraro

Operations Manager

Steven has been with American Pool Safety since 2014. With Steven’s leadership and “Can do!” attitude, APSS has embarked on a bright new future. Steven’s experience running a fleet makes him the perfect leader to run our numerous service and installation crews.

Liza Sanborn

Wholesale and Retail Sales and Technical Support

Liza has been in sales since 1991. Out on the road traveling New England, The Tri-State area, Pennsylvania, Maryland and DC Area, Trade Shows & Expos were her life until she joined American Pool Safety in May of 2000. Working side by side with Marc, Liza learned everything there is to know about Pool Covers, Pool Safety, Installations, Troubleshooting, Industry standards and regulations.

Jennifer Ferraro

Service and Customer Service

Jennifer joined American Pool Safety in 2017. Retail Management has been her gig since 2005. She’s here to assist our customers by having a crew service your pool cover at a timely manner. Have an issue and need our service? She’s the one to call!

Our newly renovated 6,000 sq. ft. warehouse is open year round to accommodate you, and is a home for our 12 radio-dispatched trucks.

We offer innovative, high quality, low maintenance, and extremely reliable products that will help keep your children, as well as neighborhood children, safe from the risks associated with having a pool in your backyard.

The primary function of our cover system is safety, but there are many other features. All of our cover systems increase the temperature of the water by 6 to 10 degrees. Your filter operation will be 30-60% less, saving you on electrical costs. Your chemical use will decrease by 50%, and practically eliminate water evaporation. Overall, your pool will stay cleaner and increase your enjoyment. After all, we’re sure you have better things to do with your time and money.