Help Prevent Backyard Drowning 2018-07-04T19:02:03-05:00

• Completely fence in your pool area, and ensure that access to the pool is locked whenever an adult is not present

• Remove the steps to above-ground pools when they are not in use.

• Keep rescue equipment nearby, and learn CPR and First-Aid.

• Never leave a child unsupervised near a pool, even if they can swim.

• Never substitute flotation devices for supervision.

• Never leave the pool cover partially in place. Always remove it completely when the pool is in use.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that in the United States 260 children under the age of five drown in backyard pools every year, and that another 3,000 children in the same age group are treated in emergency rooms for submersion-related accidents. Help prevent backyard pool-related injuries by making your swimming pool a safe place to play.