FAQ’s on Pool Covers 2018-07-04T19:05:13-05:00
The Aquamatic Hydramatic cover is made from heavy gauge, 16 oz (+/- 1 oz) vinyl, reinforced with high strength Dacron mesh.
The cover turns your pool into a large passive solar collector that will raise the water temperature 6 to 10 degrees on average depending on your pool location.
Yes. By holding the heat in the pool at night and capturing the rays of the sun during the day, your swimming season will be extended; therefore, the payback is quicker.
Yes. The primary function of the Aquamatic Cover System is your family’s safety and is rated by ASTM and CE.
Yes. However, the chemicals needed to sanitize your pool will be cut in half by using the Aquamatic Cover System and will need to be monitored depending on use.
Yes. The Aquamatic Cover System has the best warranty in the industry, twenty years on the system mechanism and seven years on the fabric.
All work is done by factory trained technicians. American Pool Safety will install and service your cover system, or existing cover system.
Your cover system has a built-in bailing system to remove the water from your cover. In addition, we will provide you with a water pump for excessive water drainage.
You may feel your cover system keeps most dirt and debris out of your pool, so you may need to clean your pool on a less frequent basis than before.
Yes. And, you will save 30-60% on your electrical cost of operating your pool.
Yes. The cover is controlled with a key operated on/off switch. Just remove the key to secure the cover in a closed position.
We offer hinges, which are mounted to your deck, and prevent your ladder from obstructing the cover.