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Spa Covers

CMT Hard-Spa covers have been field proven for over 15 years and are still outlasting the competition.  Trimmed in Silver or Gold anodized aluminum, they are available in 7 designer colors to coordinate with any spa decor.  The Deluxe CMT cover is a full 2″ thick for added insulating value and is protected by a limited warranty.
CMT Deluxe covers are safety rated by Underwriters Laboratories and carry their UL classified mark.  UL constantly monitors our production for quality and consistency of materials to ensure that you get the quality you expect.  When you see the UL mark, you can be assured that our covers meet or exceed the ASTM standard for a safety spa cover.  This gives you peace of mind that the Deluxe CMT cover will protect your children and loved ones from an unattended spa.
Our Soft Spa Covers are custom made for your spa using the same fabric that our Hydramatic and EZ Cover system use.