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EZ-Cover Manual Pool Cover

The EZ-Cover manual safety pool cover can be operated by you, without the help of others. The ski-pole style handles provide sufficient mechanical advantage to convert fingertip force applied at the grips into motor-like torque at the pool cover drum and cable reel. The EZ-Cover manual safety pool cover system may be operated from a comfortable and convenient standing position.

No need to crouch or bend down to crank the cover roller.
No need to drag the cover fabric across the pool.
No need to bend down and fasten 30-50 fasteners to make your cover safe and secure.

The EZ-Cover manual safety pool cover system can be easily converted or upgraded to the Hydramatic fully automatic system. The EZ-Cover uses automatic cover components from the drive system onward. The EZ-Cover has a limited life time warranty and a limited seven year fabric warranty.